Saturday, October 4, 2008

Octoburst@esplanade concourse

This was an Esplanade-organised event for children, in celebration of Childrens' Day.

Only the cellist was distracted enough to find something funny. The others were busy concentrating on their music.

Audience interaction was probably the more fun part of this event - the children in the audience were very lively and spontaneous when it came to answering questions. And they had pretty amusing answers as well.

"Do you have many friends?", asked the violist to the crowd.
"Yes, 10, 000!", came one boy's reply.

The children sat in front, on the floor, while the adults gathered at the back.

"Can we take a picture with you?" asked some children, and their accompanying parents.

"Okay!" - and the females did all the smiling work, while the Violist stood at the side, thinking, "Phew, thank goodness I can give the excuse that I am keeping the tripod and not have to take pictures".

"Are you going to play the same thing for your second set of the night?" asked a few parents.
"Yes, exactly the same thing!" we replied . We expected the children to go home and prepare for school the next day, but they turned up for the second set anyway, and took more pictures! It must have been the Disney magic at work.

Seeing our photo on the large board was strangely surreal so we felt compelled to take more photos. And finally, the second set of the second day was over and we could unleash ourselves on food.

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