Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Fairchilds and Artsylum Quartet

Official event poster

Pre show fajitas. Food is very important.


 Heavy duty instagram tagging

 Already perky during soundcheck.

Heavy duty leather jacket. Looks better worn.

The set list (I need you).

Photos below courtesy of Alexander Yap
(when we were busy playing... or not.)

View from the top

One of those gigs that was particularly fun especially because Cyril wrote all the string parts himself. (and gave spot-on food recommendations). Till next time! 

Monday, June 11, 2012

Artsylum Bites the Dusk - 9 June 2012

Concert Program 

Haydn String Quartet Op 64 No. 6

Zhou Long's Chinese Folk Songs for String Quartet 

Jeremiah Li Kai Han's Berliner Partita (World Premiere)

Behind the scenes photos





 Geeking out

Our mentor aka cellofellow!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Singaporean String Quartet

Artsylum Quartet and Oxley Quartet with
Sanche Jagatheesan, Jun Zubillaga-Pow and Daniel Chiang

Lee Yuk Chuan – Lingzhi Capriccio (1973)
Kelly Tang – String Quartet (1990)
Phoon Yew Tien – String Quartet (1980)
Jun Zubillaga-Pow – Weird Witches (2011)
Jeremiah Li Kai Han – Three Korean Scenes (2006)
Benjamin Lim Yi – Porcelain Harlequin / Through the Glass / Threshold (2007-10)
Leong Yoon Pin – Largo and Vivace (1982)

Two young string quartets join forces to perform an entire programme of contemporary classics composed by Singaporeans. Come enjoy the nation’s finest chamber music written since independence. Composers to be featured include Leong Yoon Pin, Phoon Yew Tien, Lee Yuk Chuan, Kelly Tang, Jeremiah Li and Benjamin Lim Yi.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

What goes on after rehearsals (Indian Food.)

2230 hrs, somewhere beside Kent Ridge Bus Interchange.

The guys order and the girls take photos!

 Butter, Cheese, Garlic Naan 

Gobi Manchurian
(cauliflower fritters?)

 Butter Chicken

Chocolate milkshake

Avocado milkshake

 Durian milkshake

Highly fattening, but also very good!

Friday, May 27, 2011

What goes on in Arensky rehearsals

To hear better...
1st experiment sitting with backs to each other. 

Fashion accessory
So that we all can hear the metronome in this odd seating arrangement, it was clipped to the violist's vest.  

Fashion statement
Guess whose cool shoes these are?! 

Saturday, May 21, 2011

A Russian Romance@ Red Sea Gallery

On top of a hill, with its winding roads, sprawling houses, the occasional overgrown field, but nonetheless wearing an intimidatingly cool vibe a.k.a. Dempsey, sat an art gallery. Cool concrete floors, cool white-black alternating walls, very resonant space.

"A Solo exhibition by Russian sensation Anna Berezovskaya"
Exhibition runs until 19th June 2011. 
Since our blog post is rather current for once, catch it while you can!
(Not a paid advertisement.)

The gathering of the well-heeled.

Snapshots of the humans taking a break from sitting...
(Guess who's back from cold Colorado?)

...while the instruments sprawl conveniently on the couch nearby.

 Christoven the Violist's latest bling find from Stevie General Store at Club Street,
(Not a paid advertisement either.)

nonchalantly modeled by DT the violinist.

And now for our post-gig food feature!
Shokudo@Raffles City 
(Still not a paid advertisment.)

Mango Slush Ice with Rum and Raisin ice cream

Rosti a.k.a. French fry noodles as described by the violist.

On skewers: Mushroom(s) and Prawn(s) snuggled in bacon blanket.

And when all the food's finally gone...

Monday, March 7, 2011

Cool Classics@Esplanade Concourse

*Long overdue post, backdated to conceal the embarrassing lateness of it. (what's new?) Photos courtesy of Michelle who kindly programmed us amidst the March madness.

 Little black rectangle of a photo in a poster within a poster = very meta.

The Violist wonders what the Cellist finds funny during the 2nd Violin's introduction.

Finally getting down to the playing,

with the serious teacher face,

"I am viola hear me roar"

wandering eyes wondering

 All smiles after the serious second movement of Shostakovich F Major Quartet.

The big picture, behind the audience's back.