Saturday, October 4, 2008

Behind-the-scenes of Octoburst

One of the unintended effects of blogs is that they encourage a certain amount of voyeurism. It breeds the irresistable urge to find out the random details in the blogger's life. And so, this post is all about the behind-the-scenes of Octoburst.

In the dressing room.

"What are you doing?"
"None of your business go away."
(The above conversation is fictitious.)

A reprise of the evil eye.
'Evil eye' [def.] - death stare; glare; eyes narrowed into slits. Most often used during rehearsal, against those who are out of tune and out of sync. It's predominant effect is to strike fear and trembling into said offender. However, some have developed immunity to the evil eye, by looking only at the score and ignoring everyone else.

Yes, this is the esplanade dressing room and not some Seventh Month getai backstage.

Practicing to the exclusion of everyone else.

"The females are fascinating indeed. I wonder if anyone notices me spying on them..."

And the aftermath - FOOD!

Sashimi salad@ichiban boshi

Mushroom curry rice!

Ribs@ Changing Appetites

There are a lot more food photos, especially since there were two post-performance dinners, but all this talk about food is making the Writer extremely hungry. To avoid any late night gastronomical excitement, this post will end here.

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