Thursday, March 26, 2009

tanguedia filming

Hello! to all new and return visitors to our blog. It has remained dormant for many months now because the quartet has been busy with work/school, and has not had much time for quartet-related activities. However, we are pleased to present you with photos of our music video shoot of Tanguedia III (composed by Piazzolla), courtesy of some nice final year students at Nanyang Technological University who wanted to incorporate us playing this piece in their video project.

First person to endure the lights and endless waiting,
the male violist was brave in volunteering to go first. (But mostly because being a guy, he had less hassles with makeup.)

Not bored yet,
the second violin practices while the cellist was blinded into inaction by the glare.
(There are always good excuses for slacking.)

First violin basks
in the bright light, though by that time the night was deep and sleep was not far from our minds.

And after the long shots were done,
there was still the super closeups to go.

What's the point
of putting on makeup if we don't take pictures? the more the merrier although someone has a tired smile.

Thus endeth the two day long shoot.

(Photos were taken with the 1stviolin's pink camera. There are a lot of other photos floating Out There, some taken by the viola some taken by 2ndviolin and half, and others taken by the production team. Those who have nice photos and are feeling generous, please donate to a worthy cause and email them to - these will make their way to our blog shortly and will be duly credited.)

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