Monday, September 29, 2008

AA-KhattarWong Formula 1 Corporate Night(s)

Two violins and a viola sat on the ledge overlooking the dazzling track. Granted, they were way up there and the F1 race cars looked just about as big HotWheels cars, it was a comfortable vantage point from which to observe the night's happenings. Conspiciously missing was the cello, who was too fat to squeeze on the ledge with the smaller instruments and had to be content with lying on the floor.

The display table brought out the closet-Braun-fan side in the females

"There's nothing wrong just sitting here is there? I'm hungry."

The rather large track.

One part of the rather large track - next to the Padang.

Second night, hence the tired smiles.

Shaan, the events coordinator!

(The keenly observant reader might notice that there are some continuity issues with what we were wearing. The all-pink getup was for our first night, and the black & red was for the second night. Disclaimer: We are not Ferrari fans. )

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