Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Octoburst! 2009

This time we will dispense with the usual shots of the quartet playing and focus on the stars of Octoburst, the children in the audience! The Saturday audience had children with exploratory fingers.

Korean kids egged on by parents

Oxy demonstrating Twinkle on the violin

"I wanna touch"

After the violin, then the cello. Its size can occasionally be intimidating, but not to this spunky one!

Our 'rapturous' audience

Facing his back to the first violin (and the stage) looking totally bored.

Either lunch or a post-lunch munchie. We were playing at 1 15pm - a rather challenging time to young stomachs, and ours too.

Ah! Finally, some signs of attention.
(But we don't really know what they are looking at, do we?)

And the violist exclaims, "Why the tongue-in-cheek post?! What if the readers think no one listens to our music?!"

And the girls say, "Relax yeah, no one died with a bit of messing around".

The conventional shots are here. 

The audience with the occasional wanderer.

The $64, 000 question is: Does size matter?
Doing a live comparison of the different sizes of the violin and viola.

"Yay! It's finally over! Now I can go and eat!"

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