Friday, September 25, 2009

Photo stories I

The thing with Facebook is that most of our photos are on it, and blogging seems almost extraneous. If a picture is worth a thousand words, how does writing a bit here 'value-add' to our identity?

(The writer really abhors the 'value add' word but it serves it's function)

I guess for those without a Facebook account, this works. For those who can't login to Facebook during work hours, this works too. Not that we're encouraging on-the-job skiving, of course.

On to the topic of today's post...

We have taken a lot of our photos in our 4 year quartet life. Some nicer than others, where there are no half-shut eyes or wan smiles. However for the longest time, each time someone asked for a photo, we couldn't find a decent groupshot, something that we liked, wasn't too sombre or tired looking or insane.

So we got down to doing a 'photoshoot'.

Behind the camera was Jon Cheah, our most faithful photographer. It involved only one outfit change, thankfully, and was done in frantic snatches between sets at esplanade concourse. And again, after we had finished for the night.

on the prickly grass at esplanade's roof garden
The sun was up and Violist could barely keep his eyes open so there were many discarded shots.

Us in our element
Feigned or genuine sleepiness? After all the smiling, not smiling is nice and comfortable. In one corner our minder was surfing the net and waiting very patiently for us to be done so she could lock up and return the keys.

Of course, we took more pictures than these, but we're letting them out in trickles...

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