Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Story Continues 5-6 Jan

First performance with Odyssey Dance Theatre at Drama Center!

The cavernous dressing room

The requisite dressing room label

Also, a room with  a view
of some of our audience leaving in a rather orderly fashion.

Oxy checking out Christoven's new spectacles! (one of many...)

Speaking of gold boots, check out the matching golden fan accessory around his neck.

Kent from the Hair Times 
doing Jit's hair

 Kent's other work...
Really nailed the glam bride look!

L to R: Jit, Liz, Oxy, Kit Yeng (arranger/pianist) and Christoven
Our eyes are all looking at different places because there were too many cameras. 
Ok maybe just two.

Jit with the 2 Korean dancers and LayTeng
much to the envy of the schoolgirls standing around

Final group shot! 

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